Where do I go


Where do I go
Where do I go:  Gabrielle Fairbanks has nearly lost touch with the carefree,  spirited young woman she was.
Then she married her husband sixteen years ago.
But when the couple moves to Chicago to accommodate Philip’s ambition,  Gabby longs for the chance to find real purpose in her own life.   A chance encounter with a homeless woman suddenly opens a door she never expected.
The women of Manna House Women’s Shelter needed a program director.
Gabby has the right credentials and she is in her element,  feeling God’s call on her life at last.
Hence,  Philip doesn’t like the changes he sees in her.

But she never anticipated his ultimatum.   Quit your job at the shelter or risk divorce and losing custody of our sons.
In this moment,  Gabby’s entire foundation shifts.
She must find refuge,  as in the song they sing at Sunday worship, “Where do I go when there is no one else to turn to
I go to the Rock I know that’s able, I go to the Rock.”

Finally,  for everyone who loves the best-selling Yada Yada prayer group novels,  comes a brand new series.
Sprinkled with familiar faces and places from the Yada Yada world.
It’s the perfect novel to start with,  or to meet friends from past Yada stories.

About the Author   –   Neta Jackson

Five hundred thousand copies of Neta Jackson’s award-winning Yada books have been sold.
These books are spawning prayer groups across the country.
She and her husband, Dave, are also an award-winning writing team.   They are best known for the Trailblazer Books.
These books are 40-volume series,   of historical fiction about great Christian heroes,  with 1.5 million in sales.
The Hero Tales: These are a family treasury of true stories,   from the lives of Christian heroes (volumes  1-4).

They live in the Chicago metropolitan area, where the Yada stories are set.

As a kid she was crazy about horses and animals of all kinds.  Therefore she loved to draw horses mostly.
Since she didn’t have a horse, she wrote stories about them instead.
Furthermore,  one of her stories was sent to a Scholastic magazine writing contest,  by her high school English teacher.
The story won first place.  Well,  the rest, as they say, is history.   She wanted to be a writer!

She grew up on the campus of a private Christian school in Seattle where her parents were teachers.

Her childhood was lovely,  though fairly sheltered.
But college took her back to the Chicago area and a whole new world.

She and her husband settled in the Chicago area soon after getting married,  and even though they both grew up in solid Christian homes,  their search to deepen their faith took the form of Christian community for much of their family life raising kids.

Eventually,  the critical issue of racial reconciliation became the call of God upon their lives.
They chose to immerse themselves in African American and multi-cultural churches.
Their world and their hearts expanded.  What a gift these relationships of faith have been!

During all this time,  she and her husband have been a writing team.
Writing books with expert resource people,  as their co-authors, o n a variety of topics.
From medical ethics to stories of gang kids.

Then writing a whole series of historical fiction about great Christian heroes.
Forty titles in all!  Called the Trailblazer books, and a series of “Hero Tales”.
Five volumes in all.   Now they are each writing adult fiction.
Her real-life Bible study sisters, inspired the Yada Yada Prayer Group series for her.

These are a multi-cultural group of feisty women going on 12 years now, that God has used to turn her life upside down. Or rather, right side up!   She has to admit, sometimes her real world and her fictional world get a bit mixed up!

She has been married for 40-plus years to the same wonderful man,  hence they are truly partners in life.
They raised two children and also a Cambodian foster daughter.
Their children have given them eight beautiful grandchildren!
As one of her girlfriends and she agree.  The best stress-busters in the world are pets, gardening, and grandkids!


Where do I go


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