The Goodbye Storm

The Goodbye Storm
The Goodbye Storm
The Goodbye Storm:   Autumn Chase is painfully aware grief is a beast that will not be chased off before it is ready to leave.   When an icy road and a dark night leave her a young widow,  she is forced to trade in her perfectly planned future for the unknown.

Like a child hiding from a monster, she pulls her covers up over her head with the intention of sheltering herself forever.   But once an unexpected stranger shows up on her doorstep, Autumn has to choose between being alone or connecting with someone who is hurting as badly as she is.

Noah Key, an emergency room doctor, has solemnly informed countless families that their loved one could not be saved.  However, when his own wife dies suddenly there are no words to bring him comfort.
His in-laws want him to fall to pieces to confirm his love for his late wife.

His colleagues want him to take time off to grieve.
The only thing Noah wants is to work enough hours in the day to forget his wife is gone.

He has written himself a prescription for a cocktail of distraction and exhaustion in order to trick his brain into thinking his life isn’t in shambles.

When the world keeps moving on without them, Noah and Autumn will need to decide if they will survive the storm or allow themselves to be swept away by it.

About the Author – Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart is a USA Today Best Selling Author of over twenty books.
Her series include: The Piper Anderson Series, The Edenville Series, The Clover Series, The Piper Anderson Legacy Mystery Series, The Rough Waters Series & The Barrington Billionaire’s Series.

She has had more than 2.5 million books downloaded.
Also, she has held the number one book rank on iBooks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Danielle currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband and six year old son.
She works hard to perfect the ability to write in a noisy house and create story lines while folding laundry.
Danielle loves hearing from readers, so please find her on social media!

Ten things to know about Danielle Stewart:
I have a fear of whales. All whales. The noise they make. The sight of them (even on tv).
I don’t think this phobia has a name and I’ve never met anyone else who feels this way.
I blame it on the 3D movie when I was 7 at the Boston Museum of Science. (Thanks Dad.)

When I get hungry it brings out the worst in me.
My friends and family know to keep me well fed. They pack snacks now.

I can cook but not bake. Not even a little. Not even a box of brownies.

If there is a song I like, it is normal to hear me listening to it a hundred times (give or take) in a row.

I do not, under any circumstances, read directions.
Who has time for that? Making mac & cheese by the seat of my pants for the last 25 years.

Like a black-out drunk, I have lost hours of my life mysteriously to Pinterest.
If you haven’t tried it yet… don’t. Save your self.

Before I became a mother, lots of things grossed me out. Now nothing does.

My favorite food is food… my least favorite food is no food.
I love food. (apply the same rule to wine)

I do not have a green thumb. I have the kind of thumb that kills any type of plant ever given to me.
Whatever kind of thumb that is… I have it.

Writing has changed my life. Not just the career it’s created but the way I feel when I write.
If you have something you love to do I hope you get the opportunity to do it.

 The Goodbye Storm

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