The Good Life

The Good Life
The Good Life
The Good Life: Between workouts, charity events, and shopping, Ann Barons keeps her days as full as her walk-in closets.  She shares an immaculate house with her CEO husband, Mike, and their two teenagers, Nate and Lauren.

It is a luxurious life, far from her homespun childhood on a farm in eastern Pennsylvania.
Which is why Ann is wary when her elderly parents ask to move in temporarily.

Ann prepares in the way she knows best. Hiring decorators and employing a full-time nurse for her dementia-stricken father.  But nothing can prepare her for the transformations ahead.
Soon, her mother Eileen is popping in to prepare soups and roasts in Ann’s underused kitchen.

While the usually surly Nate forms an alliance with his ailing grandfather.
Lauren blossoms under Eileen’s guidance.

Even workaholic Mike finds time to attend high-school football games.
But it is Ann who must make the biggest leap, and confront the choices and values that have kept her floating on life’s surface for so long.

Timely, poignant, and wise, The Good Life is a deeply satisfying and beautifully written story about the complex relationships between parents and children.
Also, the gap that often lies between what we seek, and what will truly make us whole.

“The moving story of a family’s rebirth through the simple but profound acts of daily kindness and sacrifice.” – Holly Chamberlin, author of Last Summer.

About the Author – Susan Kietzmann
Susan Kietzman lives in Connecticut.
She has a bachelor’s degree in English from Connecticut College and a master’s degree in journalism from Boston University. She graduated from Connecticut College with a B.A. in English and from Boston University with an M.S. in journalism.

She has worked in both magazine and newspaper publishing and currently writes grants for the Mystic Seaport Museum.  The Good Life is her first novel. She lives with her family in Mystic, CT.

She has been writing fiction for years, fitting it in and around raising her children, working various jobs, and enjoying life.  When her boys were young, she wrote early in the morning.
She still does, although she allows more time for fiction now that the boys are mostly elsewhere.

She has written for magazines, newspapers, and corporate websites, and taught English composition as an adjunct instructor at two community colleges.

When she is not writing at home, she is writing grant proposals for Mystic Seaport Museum
She enjoys the outdoors, mostly by hiking, biking, and walking, and the indoors by reading in her living room in front of a fire.

 The Good Life

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