The Crucible Glass Blowing


The Crucible Glass Blowing

The Crucible Glass Blowing, a long-term dream and project of Greg Miller, came to fruition in 2011 as a diverse centre of creativity offering the facilities and space for aspiring and experienced fine artists to fuel their creativity.

The Crucible is located on a 5 acre plot that provides a tranquil, safe environment for artists and guests alike to enjoy.

In what was once an operational machine shop, Greg saw potential in its metal structure and raw, open space, and planned its conversion into six 24m2 personal studios, leaving an area of 180m2 for the Hot Shop glass blowing area. The “Hot Shop” which it is referred to for reasons that are obvious, is equipped with a state of the art glass furnace and Glory Hole, which were imported from America, and several annealers.

Adjoining the original machine shop was a concrete slab. Once again Greg saw the potential of the area and proceeded to build a 300m2 workshop area with separate shower and toilet amenities and a comfortable, cool kitchenette area.

The workshop is equipped with an assortment of tools, woodwork machinery and a self-contained spray booth.

Besides offering studio spaces with a fully equipped workshop area for artists, the leading light of The Crucible, and which led to the name of the centre, is a public-access glass art education centre to promote contemporary glass art by offering glass blowing facilities and glass blowing courses.

The Crucible also has a Gallery space on the property, which has been set up in such a way that it can be transformed to meet the requirements of individual artists to exhibit their artwork to the public. The gallery is also used for Open Days for all resident artists to showcase their work.

We are one of very few public glass art centres in Gauteng, and everyday we introduce people to the magical process of creating glass art.

Our instructors are experienced, educated and committed to providing quality classes and programs. By fostering camaraderie among glass artists, we are developing a glass art community and enriching the arts.

Please feel free to contact Greg or Barbara should you have any questions or require any further information regarding The Crucible and its facilities.

Contact Details

Office: 011 969 6105

Cell:    082 890 5056

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The Crucible Glass Blowing


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