The Big Book of Health and Fitness

The Big Book of Health and Fitness
The Big Book of Health and Fitness
The Big Book of Health and Fitness:  First of all, taking control of your health and well-being is a necessary and personal journey.  From teens to parents fighting obesity.  To aging baby boomers refusing to go quietly into
the dark night. Everyone can stay fit, healthy, and active for many years to come!

This book lays out a sensible and holistic road map that makes health and fitness an ingrained
part of your lifestyle, and an easy-to-achieve goal for both men and women at any age.

For more than three decades, Dr. Maffetone has been treating and advising patients.
He has been coaching athletes, lecturing worldwide, and writing books about the importance
of self-health care.

Topics covered in his latest book include how to make healthy dietary choices, obtain the best nutrition
from real food, avoid illness and disease. Also to learn to listen to your body.

In addition to learn the dangers of common dietary supplements, fat-burning exercise for weight loss.
Reducing stress, controlling inflammation, having a healthy and fulfilling sex life, and much more.

Maffetone expertly guides the reader step by step through each topic.
He provides simple health surveys to help you better understand how the body works.
Also, what to safely do if a problem or symptom arises during your fitness or dietary regimen.

About the Author – Dr Philip Maffetone
Dr. Philip Maffetone is a renowned health expert and has published extensively on topics such as fat loss,
fitness, and healthy living.

He has also coached and trained athletes in all sports. The MAF website is your user-managed health
and fitness guide for full human potential.

The author has sixteen publications dealing with these areas, in addition to over twenty professional paper presentations in his field of expertise.

He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he received a B.S. in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, IL.

He has also received post-doctoral certifications in meridian therapy (acupuncture), physiotherapy, and applied kinesiology.

Dr Phillip Maffetone has been a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology since 1980, the National Athletic Trainers Association since 1987 and was named Coach of the Year by Triathlete Magazine in 1994.

 The Big Book of Health and Fitness

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