Talk of the Village

Talk of the Village

Talk of the Village

Talk of the Village:  The village is bedevilled by talk and all is not as it seems,  in the village of Turnham Malpas …

Does pushy newcomer Venetia have her eye on Peter,  the handsome rector?

Is Jeremy,  her husband,  really making a success of the new health club?

Why does Willie’s new love set a vicious tongue wagging?

In the Royal Oak,  the usual banter has turned to bitter wrangling,  as the rector’s wife Caroline makes a challenge over an ancient country tradition.   She splits the village her husband had so recently united.

As the people of the village use the power of words to reconcile or divide,  Peter finds it is what isn’t talked about,   that threatens to cause madness,  confusion and tragedy.

About the Author – Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca Shaw,  author of many novels,  published by UK publishing giant, Orion.

Her books come in two series,  Barleybridge and Turnham Malpas.  They revolve around the loves and lives of countryside dwellers.  She has also published two e-books.

The former teacher was born Shirley Crawshaw.   She  inspired many,   with how she turned to writing later in life,  (at the age of 60),   before going on to become a bestselling author,  of many novels.

Rebecca Shaw has 36 books on Goodreads with 7264 ratings.   Rebecca’s most popular book is The New Rector (Tales from Turnham Malpas #1).

She lived with her husband in a beautiful Dorset village,  where she found plenty of inspiration for her stories about rural life.  Rebecca died in 2015 after a major stroke.

Her funeral was held at St Peter’s Church in West Knighton,  with more than 50 people turning out to pay their respects.   Her  husband Jack still lives in the village.

Rebecca’s latest book,  Mystery in the Village,  was published,  and was at number 21 in the UK bestseller lists when she died.

Her novels were also published in the United States,  Germany,  Hungary,  Norway and Denmark.

During her lifetime, Rebecca sold more than one million books.


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