Strides made to promote service delivery and active citizenship

Strides made to promote service delivery and active citizenship – This time a year ago, I reported on the progress I made in my first 100 days as a councillor in Ward 38. A year later, I am pleased to say that we have made strides to promote quality service delivery and active citizenship.

Strides made to promote service delivery and active citizenship

As a councillor, I have to admit that carrying out this mission would not have been possible without the help of ward committee members, the role the Community Policing Forum (CPF) continues to play and the established residents’ association.

What we have managed to achieve in Ward 38 can be commended, taking into consideration that we had plenty of challenges to overcome along the way.

We began the year by hosting a walk against crime which was supported by the CPF, the residents’ association, police reservists, Brackendowns SAPS, security companies, EMPD Drug Unit as well as the local Democratic Alliance (DA) branch, the Hellen Zille Branch.

One of the biggest achievements over the past year has been the report of a number of service delivery issues being addressed. When I began my term last year, the clinic was in need of upgrading.

Some of the challenges identified included the leaking roof and the tiling which needed to be redone. After a number of years on the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), we have seen McBride Street being resurfaced in this year, and we are currently in the process of seeing Sycamore Street also being resurfaced.

While we also faced a challenge of stolen fuses which led to a number of power outage, the energy department has responded with a long term solution to the problem.

As the councillor of the area, I remain committed to seeing service delivery being prioritised by departments and encouraging residents to start forming part of a community that stands together in order overcome the challenges we face.

Article by Cllr Malcolm Maifala DA Ward Councillor

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