St Dominics Catholic school for girls

St Dominics Catholic school for girls

About St Dominics Catholic school for girls

St Dominics Catholic school for girls, was established eighty-seven years ago when the magnificent buildings of St Dominic’s Convent and School rose from the African dust.

The School stand as a tribute and monument to the achievements, dedication and resolve of its foundress, Mother Rose Niland.

The benefits of an all-girls school are evident in the fact that girls are always at centre stage. Of necessity they participate, take charge and get involved.

Girls have to be independent at an all-girls school. They are critical thinkers, self-starters, able learners and contributing team players.

St Dominic’s is not just a school with girls, it is a school for girls.

St Dominic’s School prides itself on its high academic standard which is made possible by the excellence of its staff and the small classes.

Classes are kept to less than 30 pupils.  Most of the pupils who enter St Dominic’s in the Pregrade School continue through the grades and matriculate here, thus giving their school years a continuity and stability which is of great value in these times of rapid change.

They start each day at 07h35 with a Bible reading and a prayer. The School Chapel is always available for anyone who would like to pray there.

All teachers are expected to embody our philosophy in their lives and in their professional relationships.  They are expected to participate in all the aspects of our school life: religious, social and academic, and to view teaching as a Christian ministry.

St Dominics Catholic school for girls offer the following:

  • Pre-School
  • Junior School
  • Senior School


Contact Details

St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls
Kruger Street, Boksburg

P.O. Box 230, Boksburg, 1460

Tel: (011) 917 5150/1 Fax: (011) 917 8081


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