Smoked salmon potato cakes

Smoked salmon potato cakes
Smoked salmon potato cakes
3 x large potatoes, peeled and grated
1 x large onion, grated
45 ml cake flour
1 roasted vegetables veggie bake
2 x eggs
50 g Parmesan cheese, grated
Sea salt
15 ml basil pesto
Pepper freshly ground
Olive oil for frying

Smoked salmon potato cakes:  Grate the potatoes and place in a colander. Rinse under cold running water.
Place grated potato into a dish cloth and squeeze dry.

Then place grated potato into a mixing bowl.
Mix it together with the grated onion, eggs, basil pesto, cake flour, vegetable bake and Parmesan cheese.
Stir  well.  Season to taste with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Heat some oil in a large frying pan on a very low heat and using egg rings.
Spoon two to three heaped tablespoons of the mixture into each egg ring.

Allow the mixture to cook on the bottom before removing the egg rings and turning the flatties over.
Once fried on both sides and cooked through remove from pan and place on paper towel to drain.

Top with smoked salmon and a dollop of sour cream.
Any other topping of your choice will do.

Calories in smoked salmon potato cakes = 344 calories per serving

Estimated average requirements – Daily calorie intake.
First of all: How many calories are needed each day can vary greatly, depending on and due to your lifestyle and other factors. Therefore, factors that affect your personal daily calorie needs include your age.
Hence, also your height and weight. In addition, your basic level of daily activity and your body composition.
Finally : Estimated average requirements are:
A daily calorie intake of 1940 calories per day for women, and 2550 for men are needed.

Garlic powder is a go-to
Powdered garlic is an easy swap for fresh. It adds flavor to sauces, soups, chili, and hummus.
Use it as a rub for meats and in the slow cooker for rich stews and roasts.
Lightly mix garlic powder with chili powder, paprika, and other spices for a zesty popcorn topping.
If you are watching your sodium, just make sure you don’t use garlic salt.  That’s more salt than garlic.


Smoked salmon potato cakes


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