Rhododendrons are easy to grow

Rhododendrons are easy to grow
Rhododendrons are easy to grow
Rhododendrons are easy to grow:  First of all, these plants may be easy to grow, but do have specific requirements.
Choose a site in your garden with dappled shade.

Rhododendrons are a large family of deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees.
They are cultivated for their attractive blossoms. These shrub varieties make attractive foundation plantings, hedges and specimen plants, while rhododendron trees are showy additions to woodland gardens.

Dwarf alpine species will tolerate full sun, but bear in mind to keep the roots moist.
In mild climates rhododendrons can be planted at almost any time of the year with reasonable success.
In hot areas, fall planting is recommended, as this allows the plant’s root system to get well established during the colder fall and winter months.

Proper soil conditions are very important. Rhododendrons are acid loving plants.
Also, they grow best in acidic soil. They need well-draining soil with an abundance of organic matter.
Rhododendron roots also need oxygen for healthy growth.
Use compost or decomposed pine bark, as these are most effective.

In addition,  plants should be thoroughly watered prior to planting. The roots should be loosened.
Root bound plants that have been in containers for a lengthy time should be thoroughly loosened, and some of the outer roots cut.

Rhododendrons grow in all sizes and shapes. From low growing ground covers, to medium-sized shrubs, to tree-size plants. Some varieties naturally have a rounded, ball-shaped plant habit, others are open and spreading.

While other rhododendrons have an upright growth habit. You can find a rhododendron to fit any specific garden need.  Rhododendrons have leaves in many shapes, colors, textures and sizes that add interest and beauty to the garden at any time of the year.

In conclusion,  do yourself a favor and plant a rhododendron for elegant beauty in your garden.

Rhododendrons are easy to grow

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