Red spiraea

Red Spiraea Red spiraea
Red Spiraea: The spiraea shrub does best when planted in full sun or light shade.
If you plant this shrub in full shade, this will result in a stunted growth.  Also, there will be a reduction in the
number and size of blooms.

This shrub needs well-drained soil, as they do not like wet feet.
Spiraea are loved for their eye-catching beauty, fast growth rate, hardiness and ease of care.

When to plant:
These deciduous shrubs can be divided into two categories.
Spring blooming and summer blooming. The spring blooming spirea has a delicate cascading habit with large clusters of white flowers poised on arching branches.

The summer blooming spirea bush boasts beautiful pink, white or red flowers atop upright branches.
Both varieties are prized for their shape and flowers.

Growing spiraea shrubs is extremely easy.  These flexible plants are hardy in just about any growing zone.
Depending on variety, spiraea bushes grow from 2 to 6 feet tall. Place this shrub in a location that will accommodate its mature size.

Spiraea bushes do very well as a focal plant in the landscape or as part of a larger grouping for a screen or border.

Pests and diseases:
While aphids may become a problem, they are rarely serious enough to need treatment.
No matter which variety of spirea bush you choose, growing a spiraea shrub is sure to add interest and lasting beauty to your landscape for many years to come.

Where to obtain these shrubs:
Spirea bushes are available at most garden supply stores and greenhouses and should be planted during
the spring or fall for best results.

Cut back the tips of most spiraea varieties immediately following the first flush of spring flowers.
Prune overgrown shoots and stems at any time during the summer growing season to maintain the shrub’s

 Red spiraea



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