Quality Of Life Survey

Quality Of Life Survey

Quality Of Life Survey: “Released on June 28, the fourth Quality of Life survey indicated a consistent increase in satisfaction pertaining to basic services, such as energy and water, amongst others,” said EMM spokesperson Themba Gadebe. The 2015 Gauteng City Region Observatory Quality of Life survey has placed the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) in the number one spot in Gauteng metros after it recorded “high levels” of satisfaction by its residents. The survey revealed that more than 70 percent of Ekurhuleni residents are generally satisfied with the provision of services in the metro, Gadebe added. Ekurhuleni’s city manager, Khaya Ngema, said it is evident that the city is heading in the right direction, but more is still required to be done in order to attend to the concerns of the few who were not happy. Over 80 percent of residents are satisfied with water services.

• More that 70 percent of residents have given the city a thumbs up on sanitation services.

• More that 70 percent are happy with the provision of energy services.

• About 80 percent are content with the provision of waste removal services.

• While about 49 percent are satisfied with the costs of the municipality, 22 percent have remained neutral.

• About 60 percent of residents have given the city’s roads a nod.

• Over 68 percent are happy with the city’s public health facilities

The survey was commissioned in 2009, to analyse the quality of life of citizens, identify key areas and groups needing intervention and support, and provide a holistic assessment of life in the Gauteng city region.

Quality Of Life Survey

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