Property of a Noblewoman

Property of a Noblewoman

Property of a Noblewoman
Property of a Noblewoman:  A woman’s legacy,  shaped by tragedy,  fortitude,  and undying devotion,  transforms lives and hearts long after she is gone.  Also, her most precious bequest would then be fulfilled.

Furthermore, these are in the contents of a safe-deposit box long abandoned in a New York City bank.

In the box are faded photographs of a glamorous couple,  in postwar Europe,  with old letters hinting of tragic loss.
Also, a breathtaking array of magnificent jewellery,  with spectacular stones in exquisite settings.

Hence, if no heir can be identified,  the jewellery will be auctioned.

Consequently , who was the woman who left such a fortune and no will?

Due to this,  two people,  Jane Willoughby,  a law clerk,  and Phillip Lawton a fine arts expert,  who are  drawn together by chance,  begin to unravel the mystery.

They are simply doing their jobs, by approaching the bank to inspect the contents of the box.

As a result,  the search turns personal quick enough,  for both Jane and Phillip.    Maybe their efforts to reconstruct an enigmatic life,  will lead from New York to London, to Paris and to Rome and Naples.    This will,  first of all,  be followed by  a series of stunning revelations:

They discovered that the eighteen-year-old Marguerite Pearson left America with a broken heart,  while in the shadow of World War II.   She had finally found a new life in Europe,  but forever mourned what she left behind.

In addition, as the truth about Marguerite’s  history,   her forbidden love affair ,  and her family’s treachery,  is slowly revealed,  more people are drawn into the puzzle that Jane and Phillip have pieced together.
In conclusion, one among them will inherit the most unexpected gift of all.

About the Author – Danielle Steele

Danielle Steel was born in New York City on 14 August, 1947.
She studied literature, design and fashion design  at Parsons School of Design  and later at New York University.

Her first novel, Going Home, was published in 1972.

Her other books include The House on Hope Street;  The Wedding;  Irresistible Forces;  Granny Dan;  Bittersweet; Mirror Image;  The Klone and I;   The Long Road Home;  The Ghost;   Special Delivery;   The Ranch;   His Bright Light; Southern Lights;   Blue;   Country;  and Property of a Noble Woman.

A number of her novels have made major best seller lists.   They have also been adapted into TV movies or mini series.

She also writes children’s books,   including the Max and Martha series.

In 2002, she was decorated by the French government as an Officer of the” Order des Arts et des Letters”  for her contributions to world culture.

Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world’s most popular authors.   She has sold over 430 million copies of her novels.  She is also the Author of His Bright Light.   This novel  is the story of her son,   Nick Traina’s life and death.


Property of a Noblewoman



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