Police Give Advice

Police Give Advice

Police Give Advice: The Crystal Park Police are warning the public against an increase in house break-ins cases over the past month. Your home is your castle…or is it? Is your home really safe once you leave for work or school? Your home is considered a sanctuary where you should feel safe. Your home is the only environment where you have control over who can get close to you or your family. Protecting your home and family from criminal intrusion should be high on your list of priorities.  By definition, the crime of burglary is a non-confrontational property crime that occurs when we are not at home. However, becoming a burglary victim can leave a family feeling vulnerable and violated. Tryna Maritz, Crystal Park acting communications officer, provided the following tips for people to minimise their risk of falling victim to house break ins:

•Always ensure that doors are properly closed and locked when you are not at home.

•If you leave your residence for a long period, inform your family or neighbours of your whereabouts in order for them to report all suspicious people and vehicles.

•Ensure that tools such as axes, spades, picks, ladders, etc., that can be used in an attack, are locked away when you do not use them.

•Vary your daily routine.

•Get into the habit of not immediately falling asleep after switching off the lights.

•You should not be visible in the bedroom from the outside when you are asleep.

•Report suspicious behaviour and information to police immediately.

•Clear the areas around the gates of bushes and other hiding places.

•Do not employ casual workers without a reference. Keep copies of all your employees’ IDs.

•Ensure that you have a good relationship with your neighbours, so that you will be in a good position to support and help each other.

•Keys to the safe must be kept on the person.

•Never hide any keys in traditional places, such as in pot plants or under doormats.

•Never allow strangers to handle keys or look at key numbers.

•Change locks when keys are lost.

•Never leave windows open during the day when you are not at home.

•Report all suspicious-looking people and vehicles to the SAPS. Remember to give a description of the people’s clothing and the type and colour of vehicles.

Police Give Advice

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