Petrol Price Soon To Go Up

Petrol Price Soon To Go Up

Petrol Price Soon To Go Up: South Africa’s recent period of fuel price reductions is set for a reversal as the weakening rand and stronger international petroleum prices combine at the pumps. “The rand’s slow, steady appreciation against the US dollar during July and August was dealt a considerable setback by the controversy surrounding the Hawks’ investigation of Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan,” the AA said. “At around the same time, international petroleum prices began to appreciate, and the combined effect will be particularly significant for users of petrol,” the association said.

“With the rand still on a weakening trend against the US dollar, the fuel price move at the end of September will depend largely on international petroleum prices,” the AA said. “Any significant international event which leads to further oil price strength is almost certain to be bad news at the pumps for South Africans,” the AA said. Petrol saving tips:

Pump up your tyres
Keeping your tyres inflated is one of the easiest and essential way to reduce petrol usage.

Drive at a moderate speed
Avoid speeding on open roads. Driving at the acceptable speed limit is safer and increases the fuel economy. As for highway driving, over 50% of the power produced by the engine is used to overcome aerodynamic drag.

Clean the air filter regularly
Clogged air filters increase fuel consumption by restricting airflow to the engine.

Start up the car properly
Cars these days do not require you to prime the engine by pumping the accelerator pedal repeatedly before starting. Such an action wastes fuel, so avoid doing it. When starting the engine, idle it for no more than 30 seconds to warm it up.

Travel light
Avoid carrying any unnecessary weight in your car. On the average, every 50kg added load in your car will increase fuel consumption by two per cent.

Don’t let your engine idle
Minimize fuel wastage when idling by stopping the engine whenever your car is stationary or held up for an extended period of time.

Petrol Price Soon To Go Up

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