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The History of Parkdene Primary School

On 31 October 1906, a train with the High Commissioner, Lord Selborne, as passenger steamed into Vogelfontein station.

Lord Selborne was to officiate at a very important ceremony, namely the laying of the foundation stone of the Boksburg Central School.

Boksburg Central is one of the oldest schools on the East Rand. The school was under the principal-ship of Mr DWJ Wilson from 1948-1964.

Boksburg Junior School was established in 1906 but was not officially recognised until 1908.  It was housed in a wood and iron building in Commissioner Street.  A note in the diary states that “the heat in the building is so intense that it had to be watered daily.

It was not until 1914 that the school was moved to Leeuwpoort Street. December 1931, the school was moved again into new buildings next to Boksburg High.  Two tablets in the building proclaim that it was officially opened by the Administrator of the Transvaal Mr.JS Smit.

As early as 1956, the Transvaal Education Department visualised a new school in Parkdene that would replace both the Central and Junior Schools.

In June 1964 plans for Parkdene School were drawn.Building operations were commenced in October 1965 and the new school at a cost of approximately R250 000 was completed in December 1966

Thus it was in January 1967, these two fine schools each having served the community loyally for 60 years, became one, PARKDENE PRIMARY SCHOOL

Opened by Dr. AJKoen, director of Education.

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23 McGaghey Street Parkdene
Boksburg , Gauteng 1459
Phone: 011 917 5050
Fax: 011 917 5030

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