Never Too Late

Never Too Late
Never Too Late:  
Never Too Late: Decades ago, a shotgun wedding locked Edith into a life with a husband she is not sure she ever loved.

At sixty-five, she feels like a ghost in her own life, wondering where all this came from.
The scornful husband, the mercenary brood of grandchildren.
Her well-meaning but controlling daughter-in-law.

Then one Christmas morning Edith wakes to find her husband dead, and the role she played for so long crumbling.
Gray-haired, but by no means done with life, Edith has a chance to discover the woman she could have been.

Soon questions arise about her husband’s death.
Papers discovered in his pockets send Edith unraveling secrets of the man she thought she knew.

Edith’s son Brian is the focus of her life, but he may not be as perfect as she thought.
Revelations that he might be cheating shock her.
As Edith investigates the mysteries of her family, she may just find who she truly is.

About the Author – Jo Barney
After graduating from Willamette University,  Jo spent the most of next thirty years teaching, counseling, mothering, being a wife and of course, writing.

Her writing first appeared in small literary magazines and professional publications.
Since retirement, she has had time to write four novels and two screenplays.

Her stories and essays, as well as the novels, reflect her observations of women’s lives.
Of the people who inhabit them, the children, husbands, parents, friends, and strangers who happen by and change everything.

As told by Jo Barney:
My work has been published in literary magazines, mainstream publications, and professional journals.
Several of my short stories have won awards.
Lately, I have concentrated on longer projects and at this point, I’ve completed five novels.

The first, Wednesday Club, uses my teaching life as inspiration.
The second, Mom, my prodigal son, the hockey player, and the third, Her Last Words, takes a close look at friendship.

The Runaway, a thriller, examines the need, in even the most disturbed of us, for family.
Never Too Late tells of an older woman, a recent widow, who discovers her husband had secrets, clues of which she finds in his pockets.

 Never Too Late

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