Lobelia plants look lovely in hanging baskets

Lobelia plants look lovely in hanging baskets
Lobelia plants look lovely in hanging baskets
Lobelia plants look lovely in hangings baskets:  The tiny clustered flowers of lobelia look lovely in hanging baskets.
These flowers are most commonly blue, although they may also be white.
These annual plants need moist, rich soil and partial sun in hot climates

The lobelia plant is an attractive annual herb with many varieties.
Some of these even include biennial species.
Lobelia is an easy-to-grow, carefree plant that enjoys cool weather.
This summertime bloomer will continue to produce flowers on up through the first frost.

Although most varieties are compact, growing only 3 to 5 inches tall, others will grow up to 3 feet.
Colors are also variable, with white, pink, red and blue species available.
However, violet-blue is probably one of the most commonly seen.

These plants make great additions in borders, along creeks or ponds, as ground covers, or in containers.
They are especially beautiful in hanging baskets.

Growing lobelia plants:
Annual lobelia will grow nearly anywhere.
Lobelia seeds can be sown directly in the garden or indoors for later transplanting.
These plants typically require an area with full sun but will tolerate partial shade.
They also prefer moist, rich soil.

Start indoors about 10 to 12 weeks prior to the last frost in your region.
Spread the tiny seeds just on top of the soil and water thoroughly.
Place them in a warm, well-lit area.
The seedlings should pop up within a week or two, at which time you can begin thinning them out.

After all danger of frost is gone and the plants are at least 2 to 3 inches tall, transplant them to the garden.
Space them about 4 to 6 inches apart.

Care of lobelia plants:
Once established, the lobelia plant requires little maintenance.
During hot, dry periods, care of lobelia requires that the plant should receive frequent watering, however.
Especially those in containers.

A general-purpose liquid fertilizer can be given once a month or every four to six weeks, if desired.
Lobelia will always delight your garden with beautiful blooms about mid-summer.
These will continue on up to the first frost.

Lobelia plants look lovely in hanging baskets

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