Liz An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor

Liz An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor
Liz An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor
Liz An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor:  Elizabeth Taylor’s own story was more dramatic than any part she ever played on the screen.

First of all,   author C. David Heymann brings her to life magnificently, in this acclaimed biography.
Updated with a new chapter covering her final years.

In addition,  Elizabeth was an icon. One of the most watched, photographed, and gossiped-about personalities of our time.  Child star, daughter of a controlling stage mother.  She was an Oscar-winning actress, seductress and eight-time wife, mother of four children and a grandmother of ten.

Furthermore, Taylor was also champion of funding for AIDS research She was a purveyor of perfumes and jewelry.
A close friend of celebrities and tycoons, Elizabeth Taylor, for almost eight decades, played most completely, beautifully, cunningly, flamboyantly, and scandalously her greatest role of all: Herself.

The basis of an Emmy Award-nominated miniseries, Liz,  portrays Taylor’s life and career in fascinating, revealing detail.  It includes an additional new chapter, bringing her beloved fans up to date on her final years.

So, best selling author Heymann reminds readers of her very public escapades and unveils her most private moments.  This is by way of more than a thousand interviews with stars, directors, producers, designers, friends, family.

Also by way of business associates, and employees and through extensive research among previously disclosed court, business, medical, and studio documents.

Here are the highs and lows of her film career.  The intimate circumstances of her marriages to Nicky Hilton, Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton, Senator John Warner, and Larry Fortensky.

Here, too, is the truth about Taylor’s father and her friendships with leading men Montgomery Clift, James Dean, and Rock Hudson. As well as with the eccentric Malcolm Forbes and Michael Jackson.

Finally,  from her illnesses, injuries, weight issues, and battles against drug and alcohol.
To her sexual exploits, diamond-studded adventures, and tumultuous love affairs, this is the enormously contradictory and glamorous life of Hollywood’s last great star.

About the Author – C. David Heymann
C. David Heymann was born in 1945 and died in 2012.
Heymann was the author of several New York Times best selling biographies, including Bobby and Jackie, American Legacy, The Georgetown Ladies’ Social Club, and RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F. Kennedy.
He lived in Manhattan.

 Liz An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor

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