Listful Thinking

Listful ThinkingListful Thinking
Listful Thinking:  What do Madonna,  Martha Stewart,  John Lennon,  Ellen DeGeneres,  Ben Franklin,  Ronald Reagan,  Leonardo da Vinci,  Thomas Edison and Johnny Cash have in common?

Each is (or was) a list maker. These successful people, along with CEOs and successful entrepreneurs, all
use lists to keep track of their ideas, thoughts, and tasks.

Finding enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished and allow for some downtime can be a struggle.
It is no wonder so many of us are stressed, overextended, and exhausted.

More than half of all American employees feel overwhelmed, according to a study by the nonprofit Family
and Work Institute.

For the 54 percent of us who feel like we are chasing our own tails, Listful Thinking is here to prove that it does not have to be that way.

You can still find time to relax, read a good book, and do the things you love.
Listful Thinking is the book that will give readers their lives back with indispensible tips on saving time.

Also on getting organized, improving productivity, saving money, and reducing stress.

About the Author – Paula Rizzo:
Paula Rizzo is the senior health producer for Fox at Fox News Channel and the founder of List

She is an Emmy Award winner and attributes much of her success to her compulsive list making.

The native New Yorker makes lists for every task and event she takes on, from finding an apartment to
buying the perfect bra.  She started List in April 2011 to help others become more organized.
Also to get focused, efficient, and less stressed.

Paula inherited her list-making skills from her father, Louis. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Jay Berman.

Listful Thinking




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