Lily turf silver deacon ground covers

Lily turf silver deacon ground coversLily turf silver deacon ground covers
Lily turf silver deacon ground covers:  First of all,  these ground covers can be grown in almost any amount
of light and can tolerate full sun to deep shade.  Except in regions with hot summers or extremely cold winters.

In addition,  lily turf silver deacon ground covers grow best when it is planted in loose, rich, well drained, slightly acidic soil. Water regularly throughout the first growing season to help establish a healthy, deep root system.

Furthermore,  lily turf plants are very drought tolerant. To maintain a neat appearance, shear the foliage back to the ground
in late winter or very early spring.

Propagating lily turf plants:
Dig up and divide established plants in early spring.  Look for overcrowding signs to know when to divide lily turf. Signs include smaller leaves near the center of the plant.  Also,  the middle of the clump dying, and flowers that are
weak or non existent.  One big indicator that the clump needs dividing,  comes when the leaves are invading neighboring plants, in an attempt to expand.

Time frame:
The best time to divide lily turf is in the early spring or fall.  In the early spring, divide the plants just as their new growth begins. In the fall, cut the plants back first to keep the foliage under control while digging up the roots.

Sow seeds directly into the garden anytime from late spring up until 2 months before the first frost.
Sow lily turf silver deacon seeds indoors in late fall or winter.  Maintain a temperature within the growing
medium of 70° during germination, which takes 30 days.

There are a few varieties available at your local nurseries. There is a dwarf variety, if you are limited in space.
There is also a larger variety that grows a bit taller than the standard variety, but is still much smaller than liriope or other ornamental grasses and grass-like plants.
These ground covers are a must in any garden.  They look good in borders and planted between paving too.

Lily turf silver deacon ground covers


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