Kerria japonica

Kerria japonica
Kerria japonica
Kerria japonica is a Japanese yellow rose that has been around for a long time.
First of all,  this plant can change your landscape dramatically.  This is a deciduous shrub that can reach
a height of 3 to 5 feet tall. This plant is very dense and is mounded with numerous slender, zig-zag branches that emerge at ground level.

In addition,  the flowers, stems and foliage are the beauty of this plant.   What is very noticeable on this plant are the bright yellow flowers. These remind one of an old fashioned rose with its 5 petals.  In spring,  a very colorful show is created.

Furthermore,  Kerria will often rebloom off and on all summer long, which is an added benefit. It is really a delightful plant to have in any garden. It certainly creates a lasting impression when in full bloom.

The leaves appear birch-like at first glance with its narrow triangular shape, but unlike birch, its leaves are brighter. Hence, the foliage of this plant always looks clean and green.

Managing this plant is not at all difficult.   Kerria is happy in almost any reasonable well drained soil.
It does not even require a lot of fertilizer.  It also likes to be neglected. The Kerria has no serious insect of disease problems.

This plant thrives when grown in partially shaded to fully shaded locations. Few plants flower this well in shade!
The flowers do not hold up as well in full sun and it can show some stem die-back if exposed to winter sun.

For ongoing maintenance, this plant benefits from an occasional hard pruning.
Cutting the plant to the ground produce a fuller plant, brighter stems and improved flowering.

First of all,  the most popular cultivar of Kerria is the old fashioned double flowered form, Kerria Plentiflora.
Its yellow button-like flowers resembles a chrysanthemum.

In addition, two of the best single flowered cultivars are ‘Honshu’ and ‘Golden Guinea’.
These plants have large single flowers with pleasant fragrances.

Furthermore,  there are several variegated selections available.   Kerria ‘Picta’ are the best variegated type.
Its leaves are graced with a creamy white margin.

Finally,  the cultivar ‘Albaflora’ has blooms that are a near white, butter yellow,  which color is more subtle.

So, in conclusion,  Kerria is a beautiful plant which should be planted in mass in a shady location.
Therefore, under these conditions this plant will perform at its best. Hence,  it is one of the most rewarding plants to have in your garden.

Kerria japonica




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