It Is Ok To Be A Snitch

It Is Ok To Be A Snitch

It Is Ok To Be A Snitch: It is said that if the Vaal Dam drop another seven per cent to 20%, the metro will have to introduce water rationing. The warning comes from DA ward councillor Bruna Haipel, who shed some light on the intricacies of the water restrictions announced by Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. “The Vaal River system is under severe pressure and the Vaal Dam is at 27%. Should the level drop to 20% no more water can be extracted – with water rationing mandatory for everyone. The DA strongly condemns the fact that water leaks are not repaired promptly and meters are not read regularly. The DA has asked for urgent action in this respect,” she said in a statement on Friday 21 October. Haipel, who is on the water, sanitation and energy oversight committee, explains: “All irrigation activities between 6am and 6pm are prohibited. Watering using buckets or watering cans can be done between 6pm and 6am. No filling of swimming pools from the municipal water supply is allowed.

The use of hosepipes and sprinklers for watering, washing cars or outside areas, is forbidden. A reduction of pressure, especially at night and a water restriction penalty tariff for those who do not reduce consumption, will be implemented. “It is the sad duty of councillors to inform the community that so far only about 5-6 per cent of the 15% reduction required has been achieved. The importance of saving water in order to prevent water rationing is crucial.” She said non-conformance to the prohibition shall be deemed to be unauthorised water use – and a fine of R6 753.64 could be imposed. The metro has 52 ‘water ambassadors’ walking the streets and visiting schools to educate children.

These tariffs will be charged:

• 10% price increase on all consumption above 25 000 litres a month. This includes the 6kl (or 9kl to indigents) free water to everyone, as well as the applicable water restriction tariffs on all other user categories, who fail to reduce their consumption by 15%.

The actual cost for households is:

0-6kl is free;

7-15kl is R13.54 per kl;

16-25kl is R16.58 per kl;

26-30kl is R18.15 per kl;

31-45kl is R22.69 per kl;

46kl or more, is R 27.98 per kl.

It Is Ok To Be A Snitch

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