Interesting facts about pom pom chrysanthemums

Interesting facts about pom pom chrysanthemums
Interesting facts about pom pom chrysanthemums
Interesting facts about pom pom chrysanthemums:  First of all,  growing pom pom chrysanthemums flowers
in your garden, can be very beneficial.

In addition,  pom pom chrysanthemums are very colorful.
While  colors vary from white, bronzed orange, and yellow,  the amethist color is also very popular.

Watering and soil factor:
The plants do not need too much water, but they do need rich soil nutrition.
The best medium to grow pompom chrysanthemums in,  is a well drained soil with rich nutrition.
The pH level should be around 6.5

Exposure to sunlight:
Pom poms need around 5 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.
Too much exposure to sunlight though, will make the flowers pale.

There are so many countries that produce chrysanthemums in various types.
In addition, decoration, beauty,  healthcare and even insecticides,  are its many useful benefits.

History of the chrysanthemeum
Chrysanthemums , along with the plum, bamboo and orchid are collectively referred to as the
Four Noble Ones, in Chinese culture.

So, only the noble were allowed to grow the chrysanthemum in their garden.

Types of Chrysanthemums
Quill has a tubular ray of flowers that radiate from center of the head.
Daisy is a decorative flower,  which is so packed with broad and long overlapping petals that you can
hardly see its center.
Pompom :
Pompom  is a small globe shaped flower with tightly packed petals.
Spoon flower has the look of a daisy,  with every tip of its petals having a spoon-like appearance.
Spider, as its name suggests, look like spider legs.
Its petals are long and sometimes go in all directions.

Health Benefits:
Chrysanthemum flowers are boiled in some parts of Asia to make a sweet drink.
Furthermore chrysanthemum tea has many medicinal uses.

Also, this includes an aid in recovery from influenza.
Chrysanthemum tea is very popular and is used as a relaxant.

In addition, it is also commonly taken to help relieve head congestion and strengthen the lungs.
Taken  with meals,  especially when eating greasy food,  it helps to aid digestion.

Furthermore,  it may also help relieve certain type of headaches, dizziness and blurred vision.
Studies have also shown that chrysanthemum tea may have a beneficial effect on high blood pressure.

Interesting facts about pom pom chrysanthemums


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