Intensity by Dean Koontz

Intensity by Dean Koontz
Intensity by Dean Koontz
Intensity by Dean Koontz: Past midnight, Chyna Shepard, twenty-six, gazes out a moonlit window.
First of all,  she is unable to sleep on her first night in the Napa Valley home of her best friend’s family.

Instinct proves reliable. A murderous sociopath, Edgler Foreman Vess, has entered the house, intent on killing everyone inside.

Furthermore,  a self-proclaimed “homicidal adventurer,”  Vess lives only to satisfy all appetites, as they arise.
Hence,  to immerse himself in sensation,  to live without fear, remorse, or limits, to live with intensity.
Chyna is trapped in his deadly orbit.

Chyna is a survivor, toughened by a lifelong struggle for safety and self-respect.
Now she will be tested as never before.

At first her sole aim is to get out alive. Until, by chance, she learns the identity of Vess’s next intended victim, a faraway innocent only she can save.

Driven by a newly discovered thirst for meaning beyond mere self-preservation, Chyna musters every inner resource she has to save an endangered girl.

Finally,  as moment by moment, the terrifying threat of Edgler Foreman Vess intensifies.

About the Author – Dean Koontz
Dean Ray Koontz is an American author. He was born on July 9, 1945, in Everett, Pennsylvania, and grew up as  an only child in nearby Bedford

His novels are broadly described as suspense thrillers, but also frequently incorporate elements of horror, science fiction, mystery, and satire.

Several of his books have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List, with 14 hardcovers and 14 paperbacks reaching the number one position.

Koontz wrote under a number of pen names earlier in his career, including:
“David Axton”, “Leigh Nichols” and “Brian Coffey”.
Koontz published his first book, Star Quest, a science fiction novel released as half of an Ace Double
paperback, in 1968.  It took another 18 years and 54 novels, plus four nonfiction books, before he hit hardcover bestseller lists with the suspense novel Strangers.
He has sold over 450 million copies as reported on his official site.

Intensity by Dean Koontz


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