How to grow a bay leaf tree

How to grow a bay leaf tree How to grow a bay leaf tree
How to grow a bay leaf tree:  Bay or sweet bay is the leaf from a tree in the Laurel family.
It is  an evergreen tree that originated in the Mediterranean.  It can reach a height of 40 feet.

Bay laurel have medium sized, glossy, green leaves.
It is not winter hardy in areas that experience freezing weather.

Sweet bay trees should be planted in well drained soil.
These trees also need a generous amount of compost.

If you wish to grow this tree in a container, it can be kept at bay and it will have a much smaller growth habit.
The container can be kept in the garden.  It can also be brought indoors in winter.

Plant the trees at the same level in soil that they were grown when at the garden centre.
Planting bay trees is best done in early spring when they are semi-dormant.

You can grow a bay tree simply as an ornamental plant. Or you can grow it as part of a herb garden.
Protect sweet bay trees from heavy winds. as these trees are inclined to have weak wood.

Bay leaf trees do not need feeding or supplemental watering in winter. Bay leaf trees can be trained to a topiary.
This must be done when the tree is young.  Also, where sunlight is from a southern or eastern direction.

Harvest and use of sweet bay leaf tree:
Leaves can be harvested at any time. The best flavor though, can be had from larger, mature leaves.
You can dry the leaves out by laying them out to dry and then crush them.
When you use them whole you must remove them before eating.

It is definitely worth learning how to grow a bay leaf tree for ornamentation and fresh wholesome seasoning.

 How to grow a bay leaf tree

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