Grow a strawberry fountain in pots

Grow a strawberry fountain in pots.

Grow a strawberry fountain in pots

Having a strawberry fountain clay pot is an easy way to grow strawberries without the need for a lot of space.
It keeps the berries clean and easy to harvest.
It’s an alternative to the popular strawberry jar containers.
The key is keeping it watered because if it dries out, the fruit won’t form well.
Of course, that is true for strawberries in the ground, too, but pots dry out faster.


Don’t let it dry out.

If you can, put the pot where you can hand water it every day during the growing season, or put it on a drip system for pots.

Pick out the largest pots that can you find.

The pot should measure at least 24 inches. Often pots come in sets of three or four different sizes in the same style.
You don’t have to use expensive containers.
Plastic pots are usually the most economical and actually work very well because they stay moist.
Plastic in this case is better than clay and are much lighter in weight and easier to handle.
Even old black nursery pots will do if you have access to variety of large sizes.
By the time they fill out the foliage will hide most of the container anyway.

Use only premium potting mix.

The best potting mix will grow the best berries.
There is no cutting corners here.
Compost and soil in containers will pack down, while potting mix is designed to stay fluffy.

Fertilise every week or two.

Use Bonnie plant food. This herb and vegetable food has nutrients and growth stimulants that your plant will love.

Get ready for runners.

As the plants send out runners or new plants, you can cut some runners off and plant them elsewhere, or even give them to your friends.
Let a new one or two root in each layer of the “fountain” to replace mother plants after the first year.
In the second year, when you see the soil start to sink, it will be time to take out the plants, divide or plant new ones, and start the fountain again.
This is a good job to do in the Spring.


Grow a strawberry fountain in pots



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