Found: Twenty-seven-year-old ICU nurse Natalie Ulster has a desire to see the world.
This is just in case she dies as young as her mother had.  She needs to heal, which is compensation for her own damaged heart.

Also, armed with an independence and self-reliance that stems from her father’s emotional abandonment.
In addition, wanting to separate herself from a deranged nurse whose husband just died under suspicious circumstances on Natalie’s watch.

Natalie grabs life by the globe and accepts successive assignments in Belize, Australia, and Arizona.

When Natalie meets Dr. Joel Lansfield,  a physician who is also familiar with grief, she finds that Joel sees her for the strong woman she is.

He loves her for all she has yet to figure out, but she is not sure that she is ready to make room in her heart for love. Desperate to maintain her emotional distance with Joel, she continues to travel.

In each country, however, she finds herself confronted with near-death accidents.
From a poisoned drink, to a severe food allergy and to being thrown overboard in the Great Barrier Reef.
Too many coincidences force her to ask herself a frightening question.
Is someone trying to kill her?

About the Author – Emily Brett
Emily Brett received her first bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in Kinesiology.

After which she went on to Arizona State University to receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
While working as an ICU nurse, she earned a master’s degree in nursing at Arizona State.

She is board-certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner and has been in the nursing profession for over ten years.

Presently she serves on the Advanced Practice Committee with the Arizona State Board of nursing.
She shares a medical practice with her husband, a physician.

Brett has been published in a number of medical journals.
These include The Journal for Nurse Practitioners and the Online Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

Emily Brett is also a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.


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