Ex-spy Belle Boyd is more or less retired .

Retired from spying on the Confederacy anyway.

Her short-lived marriage to a Union navy boy,  cast suspicion on those Southern loyalties.

So her mid-forties found her unemployed,  widowed and disgraced.

Until her life-changing job offer from the staunchly,  Union Pinkerton Detective Agency,  when she is required to assist Abraham Lincoln himself.

She has to put any old loyalties firmly aside,  for a man she spied against twenty years ago.

Lincoln’s friend Gideon Bardsley,  colleague and ex-slave,  is targeted for assassination after the young inventor made a breakthrough.

Fiddlehead,  Bardsley’s calculating engine,  has proved the world is facing an extraordinary threat.   Meaning it’s not the time for civil war.

Now Bardsley and Fiddlehead,    are in great danger as forces conspire to keep this potentially unifying secret,   the war moving and the money flowing.

With spies from both camps gunning for her,   can even the notorious Belle Boyd hold the war-hawks at bay?

Cherie Priest has been hailed as ‘The High Priestess of Steampunk’.    You can see why,  in this latest wonderfully written adventure.

About the Author – Cherie Priest


Priest is a Florida native,   born in Tampa in 1975.

She graduated from Florest Lake Academy,  a Seventh Day Adventist Boarding School in Apopka, Florida in 1993.

She moved around quite a bit as a child of an Army father,  living in many places such as Florida, Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee.

She moved around regularly until college.   In 2001 she left the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with an M.A. in Rhetoric/Professional writing.

In 1998 she graduated with a B.A. from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee.

Priest lived in Chattanooga,  Tennessee for twelve years and it is there she both set her Eden Moore series and wrote the first two books.

In May 2012,  she and her husband Aric Annear moved back to Tennessee from Seattle, Washington.

Although Priest was raised Seventh Day Adventist, she has no further contact with the church and claims no religious affiliation.

In addition to her novels,  Priest was a reviewer for the Bram Stoker Award- winning website Chiaroscuro.   She is currently a staff member of Subterranian Press.

Priest is a regular attendee and panelist at Dragon Con and several other genre conventions around the country,   such as Pengucion and Steamcon. .

She is also known for giving talks and writing articles about the hobby of urban exploration.

Books written by Cherie Priest

Boneshaker;   I am Princess X;  Maplecroft:The Borden Dispatches;    Chapelwood:The Borden Dispatches;    Dreadful Skin;    Not Flesh Nor Feathers;    The Inexplicables;    Wings To The Kingdom;    Those Who Went Remain There Still; Clementine;    Dreadnought;    Ganymede;    Fiddlehead;    The Button Man and The Murder Tree; Bewere the Night; Fathom;     Jacaranda: A Novella of the Clock;    Bloodshot;    Hellbent;     Awake into Darkeness;    Untitled Eden Moore;







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