Fat Chance

Fat Chance Fat Chance
Fat Chance: First of all, sugar is addictive, toxic and everywhere. Let us face it.  Sugar is bad for your health.
Find out how your sweet tooth might be nibbling you to death in this straight-talking exposé.

Fat Chance documents the science and the politics that has led to the pandemic of metabolic syndrome
which results in conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

In addition,  Dr Robert Lustig exposes how changes in the food industry and in our wider environment have
affected our collective metabolisms and our waistlines.

Furthermore,  he also shows how industry and political forces, motivated by greed, do not want things to change.
To help us lose weight and recover our health, Lustig presents personal strategies to readjust the key
hormones that regulate hunger.

He suggests societal strategies to improve the health of the next generation.
Discover how every calorie is different and that cutting out sugar is not just about making us thin.
It is about making us healthier, happier and smarter. This is a must read.

About the Author – Dr. Robert Lustig
First of all,  Dr.Robert H. Lustig is an American paediatric endocrinologist at the University of California,
San Francisco where he is a Professor of Clinical Paediatrics.

In addition, he practices in the field of neuroendocrinology, with an emphasis on the regulation of energy
balance by the central nervous system. He also has a special interest in childhood obesity.

Furthermore, Dr. Lustig came to public attention through his efforts to establish that fructose can have serious deleterious effects on human health if consumed in too large amounts.

In conclusion,  on May 26, 2009, he delivered a lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” which was posted on You Tube the following July and “went viral” with some 4.2 million viewings.

In his lecture, Dr.Lustig calls fructose a “poison” and equates its metabolic effects with those of ethanol.

Fat Chance

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