EMM Issues Tips

EMM Issues Tips

EMM Issues Tips: The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) has issued tips to help communities reduce higher electricity bills and power outages for this winter. EMM spokesperson Zweli Dlamini said many residents find themselves with high electricity bills during winter, but keeping warm does not have to be costly if you are smart about it. The tipd given are as follows:

• Dress warmly – wear a beanie and gloves when at the home.

• Wrap yourself in a blanket, put a hot water bottle on your lap and drink your favourite hot drink when you watch television.

• Close your curtains before it gets dark, because this improves thermal insulation by preventing heat from escaping your home and stops the draght.

• Seal gaps around your windows with silicon.

• Draught-proof your wall cavities throughout your home, including your chimney if you have one, caulking and weather-stripping are best for sealing these kinds of cracks and holes.

• Draught-proof your doors and make sure all door sweeps are in good condition.

• Install fire retardant ceiling insulation before the onset of winter.

• According to Eskom, approximately 40 per cent of heat is lost through the roof if your home is not insulated.

• Instead of using a heater, use electric blankets which are energy-efficient. It is best to switch them on to the highest setting for a few minutes, then off before getting into bed.

Eskom explained that insulation:

• Makes homes up to five per cent warmer in winter;

• Reduces and postpones the need to switch on space heaters and climate control systems;

• Contributes to lowering your electricity bill, an insulated and draught-proofed room requires 51 per cent less energy to heat up;

• Allows you to help to keep the lights on this winter.

Home-owners are also encouraged to switch off their geysers during evening peaks, from 5pm to 9pm, in order to alleviate serious supply constraints.

“Should the temperature dip to very low levels, and using a heater becomes unavoidable, home-owners should buy heaters with a built-in thermostat and heat only the rooms they are going to spend time in,” Dlamini advised.

EMM Issues Tips

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