Elephant ear plants grow well indoors

Elephant ear plants grow well indoors Elephant ear plants grow well indoors
Elephant ear plants grow well indoors: Elephant ear plants or Colocasia, are tropical plants grown from
tubers or from rooted plants.

Elephant ears have very large heart-shaped leaves.  These are borne on 2-3 foot petiole or leaf stalks.
The foliage may vary in colour anywhere between purplish to black variegated leaves.
Also green or green/white variegated leaves.

These plants are impressive ornamental specimens. Elephant ears are swamp plants.
They develop a hardy root system under the water.

Therefore elephant ears make great landscape plants in, around or near water features in the garden.
The plant itself reaches heights of between 3 and 5 feet tall.

For this reason the plant is usually grown as an outdoor specimen.
However, it is possible to grow elephant ears indoors, provided you make the space available.

How to grow elephant ears indoors:
When growing elephant ears indoors, be sure to choose a fairly large container to pot the plant in.
As they do grow to a huge size, you will want to be prepared.

Indirect sunlight is what is needed to grow this plant. The plant can tolerate direct sun, but the leaves will
burn in too much harsh sunlight.

Keep the plant humid at all times when grown indoors. Do not let your container stand in water.
This may cause root rot.

Use a well-draining, peat-rich medium soil. Temperatures for your elephant ear plants should be between
65-75 F. (18-24 C.).

Fertilize every two weeks with a 50 percent diluted 20-10-10 food. This is an integral part of house plant care of elephant ears.

You do not need to fertilize in the winter months. This will allow your plants to rest.
Also, cut back on watering during this time and allow the soil to dry out slightly.

Flowering of the indoor elephant plant is rare, although when grown outdoors, the plant may
bear a small green sheathed yellow-green cone of flowers.

The following varieties of elephant ear make good choices for growing indoors:
Black Magic: Chicago Harlequin: Cranberry Taro: Green Giant: Illustris: Lime Zinger: and Nancy’s Revenge.

Enjoy having elephant ear plants in your home:

Elephant ear plants grow well indoors

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