Duranta gheisha girl flowers

Duranta gheisha girl flowers
Duranta gheisha girl flowers
Duranta gheisha girl flowers: Duranta flowers need full sun to attain the beautiful coloured foliage, but will also grow well in a partly shaded area. Small blue flowers with orange berries are produced in the spring.
These flowers make a beautiful hedge.

The duranta flowering plant can reach up to 10 feet in height.
It flowers profusely from summer until the first heavy frost.

The shrub-like plant is multi-stemmed and the branches are somewhat droopy.
The stems may have sharp spines. Orchid-like flowers may be light blue to light purple in color.

Some plants develop loads of yellow, ball-shaped drupes.  Chemicals in the fruit may make them poisonous to humans but harmless to birds that enjoy them immensely.

Plant them in pots too:
If you live in an area where duranta plants are treated as annuals, a large container, is a fantastic place to grow the plant.  When the weather becomes chilly, you can move he plant inside and place it near a south-facing window,
for beautiful color all winter long.

Duranta plants prefer rich organic soil that is somewhat loamy and drains well.
It is especially important to keep soil light if you are planting in a container.
Be sure that your container has plenty of drainage holes.

As a hedge:
If planting in the ground, choose a location that receives full to part sun for best flowering display.
Allow plenty of room for this tropical beauty to spread out.

Care of duranta plants:
Slow fertilizers help encourage flowering and fruiting.
It is extremely important to water frequently while the plant is establishing.

Duranta is in the same plant family, verbenaceae, as lantana.
While it is popular nursery plant, it has many common properties of an environmental weed
It is  highly poisonous to pets and children. Take care when working with this plant.

Duranta gheisha girl flowers


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