Dumplings for pudding

Dumplings for puddingDumplings for pudding
For the sauce:

500 ml water
180 ml sugar
2 ml ginger
2 ml cinnamon
5 ml cloves
For the batter:
65 ml margarine
125 ml apricot jam
10 ml bicarbonate of soda
250 ml flour
1 egg
For the sauce:
Dumplings for pudding:  Heat the water, sugar and spices together until the sugar has dissolved.
For the batter:
Dumplings for pudding:  Melt the margarine in a pan, then add the apricot jam and stir until melted.
Add bicarbonate of soda. Note: the mixture will foam.
Then add flour and stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture forms a sticky dough.

Drop spoonfuls of the dough into the boiling syrup.
Cover and simmer for 15 – 20 minutes or until the dumplings are cooked.

Serve with custard or ice-cream.
Calories in dumplings = 62 calories per medium sized dumpling

Estimated average requirements – Daily calorie intake.
First of all: How many calories are needed each day can vary greatly, depending on and due to your lifestyle and other factors. Therefore, factors that affect your personal daily calorie needs include your age.
Hence, also your height and weight. In addition, your basic level of daily activity and your body composition.
Finally: Estimated average requirements are:
A daily calorie intake of 1940 calories per day for women, and 2550 for men are needed.

Sweet and spicy cinnamon:
Cinnamon works in both sweet and savory dishes.
Sprinkle on cereal, toast, and yogurt. Also use in smoothies, tea, and milk to give you a hint of sweetness without sugar.   Or try it in a wheat berry or barley salad, couscous, or quinoa.
Watch the sweets:
You do not have to skip all sweets. But you should try to have five or fewer servings a week.
That is 1 tablespoon of sugar or jam, 1 cup of lemonade, or 1/2 cup of sorbet at a time.
Choose sweets that are low in fat, such as gelatin, hard candy, or maple syrup.
Instead of high-fat desserts, try having fresh fruit over low-fat ice cream.

 Dumplings for pudding

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