Don’t Look Now

Don't Look Now

Don’t Look Now
Don’t Look Now:  Andrea Heller has been married for seven years, but still likes to pretend she’s single.
First of all,  she enjoys sitting on her own in bars,  and watching what happens.
But there’s another couple watching too.  They call themselves Saila and Pharaoh, but only after sundown.
It is after sundown that some terrible things are happening in the singles clubs in Cleveland.

In six months, three women in their twenties have been brutally murdered.
Seems like,  each step that Homicide Detective Jack Paris takes to find their killer,   draws him closer to the heart of his own forbidden impulses.

Therefore,  as the stakes become increasingly personal,  Jack knows only one thing for certain.
Finally, to enter the minds of Saila and Pharaoh is to enter a world from which no one ever fully returns…

Editorial Reviews:

“Montanari keeps things moving with well-placed clues,  red herrings and a surprise killer.
A scary, suspenseful psychosexual thriller.” – Booklist

“Richard Montanari’s vivid portrayal of a serial killing bad-dream team is sick, kinky, realistic, scary as hell and absolutely great.” – Kinky Friedman

“Savvy and sharp … as well-written a thriller as The Silence of the Lambs … A winner.” – Nelson DeMille

“Tough, bloodthirsty, sexually explicit US serial killer tale . . . one hell of a read, though not for the squeamish” – Bookseller
About the Author – Richard Montanari

Richard Montanari was born 6 December 1952

He is an American crime writer who debuted with his novel Deviant Way,  published by Simon & Schuster, in 1995.
It won the Online Mystery Award for Best First Mystery.

In addition, Richard Montanari is a Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author.

Furthermore, before becoming a full-time novelist,  he worked as a freelance writer for many years,  during which time he was published in more than two hundred publications.   These include the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, the Seattle Times, and many others.

Hence, an international bestseller,  his books have been published in over twenty-five languages.  He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.


Don’t Look Now



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