Dahlias are easy to grow

Dahlias are easy to grow

Dahlias are easy to grow

Growing dahlias is one of the horticultural world’s least challenging tasks.  However,  give them a rich,  moist soil and plenty of sun and they wont let you down.   There are 42 species of Dahlia,  with hybrids commonly grown as garden plants.   For the purposes of the cool tropical garden,  avoid varieties with a flower shape described as Pompon or Ball.   These tend to look rather too manufactured,  unless of course they are to your liking.

The Dahlia is a daisy-like flower.  It now has many hybrids around the world.    It is related to the daisy,  as well as the sunflower and the chrysanthemum.

Typically,  the dahlia will have a single head atop a leafed stem.  The dahlia can grow to be as large as 30cm in diameter.   The bright, vibrant colours are used in place of any kind of fragrance or scent to attract pollinating insects and birds.

The Dahlia flower is native to Mexico and regions of South America.

Dahlias can be purchased either as seeds,  dormant tubers,   or as a growing plant.

Buying seeds.

If you are not bothered about the colour outcome of the flowers,   then it is fine for you to buy seeds.

Seeds are generally sold in packets containing mixed colours.   If you want a specific colour,  you will need to grow the plants one year,  select the plants you want,   and then grow them on for next years scheme.

Dormant tubers

This is an inexpensive and easy method of growing dahlias.  They are easy to get into growth and easy to take cuttings from.    You can also control when your plants come into growth.  A decent range is available from most garden centres in the spring.   Mail order companies offer an even bigger choice.

Growing plants

If you are hoping to fill any awkward late summer gaps in the borders of your garden,  look at some dwarf varieties which are always available.    Again these are likely to be of a mixed variety of colour.  These are available from your local nursery.

In summary, unless you want something very specific,   growing dahlias from dormant tubers is the easiest and most inexpensive.
Enjoy the rich colour that these flowers produce.


Dahlias are easy to grow




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