CMS Community Monitoring Services


CMS Community Monitoring Services

Community Monitoring Services (Pty) Ltd (more commonly known as CMS) was established in 1998, borne out of a perceived need to provide professional, effective and efficient security services to the community in the Benoni area, and ensuring that an optimum level of service is maintained at all times. Due to our success we now service areas surrounding Benoni, such as Boksburg and Kempton Park.

CMS is a locally owned Company and is a registered member of SIRA as well as a corporate member of SAIDSA.

In keeping with our aspirations, we have created a strong management team, together with the necessary technical and sales teams, and to this end we conduct regular training and development programmes for all our staff, to ensure we maintain a very high standard of efficiency and professionalism in our approach to business.

CMS’s directors participate in the day to day running of the Company and all directors and management have hands-on experience in the security industry, customer service and administration.

CMS is a community orientated company, with our aim being to assist the various suburbs in the area to curtail crime, and to this end Community Precincts were formed by the residents of the various suburbs, managed by ourselves, with each having its own duly elected committee.

CMS has become extremely versatile, as dictated by changes in the community’s needs, resulting in the Company’s expansion in order to meet the requirements of our clients.

To provide good customer service, we ensure that:

◊ Our guards are backed up our own patrol vehicles.

◊ Our technicians are continually trained in order to keep up with the latest technology

◊ There is always a technician on standby.

◊ We encourage our client to test their alarm system on a regular basis, to ensure it is in
working order

◊ Our armed reaction officers are all trained to a high standard and registered with SIRA

◊ Our armed reaction officers take part in regular firearm practice and assessment

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CMS Community Monitoring Services

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