Clivia plants thrive in shade

Clivia plants thrive in shade

Clivia plants thrive in shade
Clivia plants thrive in shade:  Species of Clivia are found only in South Africa and Swaziland.  They are typically forest undergrowth plants, adapted to low light, with the exception of C. mirabilis, which is from the Western Cape.

Each flower has three sepals and three petals, all very similar.  Although the sepals are typically narrower than the petals.  These are collectively called tepals.  In Clivia plants, the tepals are fused at the base to form a tube.
This tube is very short.   The flower varies in shape from an open cup to a narrow hanging tube.

Clivia flowers come mainly in shades of yellow through to orange and to red.  The plants that flower in late winter and spring are:  C. miniata,;  C. nobilis and C. caulescens .

C. miniata has out of season flowers at almost any time. C. gardenii and C. robusta flower in the autumn.  Interspecific hybrids and cultivars can flower at almost any time of the year depending on climate and the flowering pattern of their parent species.

A distinctive feature of Clivia is that unlike most species in the subfamily,   it does not form bulbs.
The long strap-shaped leaves are evergreen and spring from thick branching roots or rhizomes.

Like other members of the tribe Haemantheae to which it belongs,   Clivia fruits are berries.
When ripe, they contain large fleshy seeds which are often more than 1 cm in diameter.

While most clivias are grown as interesting houseplants,  in suitable locations,  they can be grown as outdoor container plants, too.   However, they must be brought indoors for overwintering.

The attraction to clivia plants can be found in their stunning blooms,  which are fragrant, trumpet-like flowers are similar to that of amaryllis,  but smaller.
Unlike the amaryllis,  clivias retain their foliage year round.

Finally, these plants look exceptionally beautiful in pots surrounding your patio.  Also under shady trees in your garden.   They are, to say the least, spectacular!


Clivia plants thrive in shade




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