Cholesterol Down

Cholesterol Down Cholesterol Down
Take control of your cholesterol with this 10 point plan from nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Janet Brill ..
.Without using drugs.

Cholesterol Down: If you are one of the nearly 150 million people struggling with high cholesterol,
then Dr. Janet Brill offers you a revolutionary new plan for taking control of your health.
Without the risks of statin drugs. Ten Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol in Four Weeks–Without prescription drugs.

With Dr. Brill’s breakthrough Cholesterol Down Plan, you simply add nine miracle foods to your regular diet
and thirty minutes of walking to your daily routine.

That is all. This straightforward and easy-to-follow program can lower your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by as much
as 47 percent in just four weeks.

Cholesterol Down explains Dr. Brill’s ten-point plan as well as the science behind it.
You will learn how each miracle food affects LDL cholesterol and how the foods work together for maximum effect.

As well as:
How eating whole grains helps reduce LDL cholesterol in your bloodstream.
Why antioxidants keep plaque from building up in your arteries.

How certain steps change the structure of LDL cholesterol particles.
And why it’s best for them to be large and fluffy)

Why walking just thirty minutes a day lowers “bad” cholesterol and cuts dangerous belly fat.
With everything you need to stay focused on the plan.

Including a daily checklist, a six-month chart for racking LDL cholesterol changes.
Tools for assessing your risk level for cardiovascular disease.

Sample weekly menus, and even heart-healthy recipes, Cholesterol Down is the safe and effective alternative or complement to statin drugs.

About the Author – Janet Bond Brill, PhD., RD, LDN
Janet Bond Brill, PhD., RD, LDN, is a nationally recognized expert in cardiovascular disease prevention and the author of Blood Pressure Down and Prevent a Second Heart Attack, and she has been a nutritionist in private practice for many years.

Cholesterol Down


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