Catmint Catmint
Catmint:  First of all,  this fast-growing herb,  produces lavender blooms , with green grey leaves.
It grows in full sun or partial shade and is very drought tolerant.

In addition, this plant is an aromatic herb that is commonly grown in the garden.
Furthermore,  it produces clusters of lavender-blue flowers amid mounds of gray-green foliage.
This plant can be used in various landscapes.

How to grow catmint:
This  herb is easy to grow.  These plants are good for mass planting or edging.
These plants can be grown in sun or partial shade with average, well-draining soil.

So, they are even heat and drought tolerant, making them excellent plants for dry garden areas.

How and when to plant:
Plant the seeds or divisions of this herb in spring.
Plenty of space is needed for these plants. They should be spaced out to at least l foot apart.

Powdery mildew or leaf spot,  is common in overcrowded plants, especially in hot, humid climates.
these plants are aggressive growers.

These herbs  can be planted and grown in containers.  They do really look good in containers.

Care of catmint
Caring of this herb is easy.  Water these plants regularly until they become well established.

Mulching will help retain moisture and keep down weeds.
Once plants are a few inches tall,  pinch them back to promote bushier growth.

Catmint blooms throughout summer and fall.
Always deadhead spent blooms to promote additional flowering.   It will also help prevent reseeding.

Harvesting and uses of  the herb:
Catmint can be used fresh, dried, or frozen for both culinary and herbal use.
Harvest the leaves, as the flowers begin to bloom.

Cut off the  top leaves, stems, and flowers if desired.
Spread these out to dry,  in a cool, ventilated area.
Store the dried herb in an airtight container to preserve its potency.

Finally,  the leaves and shoots can be added to soups and sauces.
In conclusion,  tea made from the leaves and flowers can be used for calming nerves and relieving coughs, congestion,  Cats adore it by the way.


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