Brighten your garden with coral bells

Brighten your garden with coral bellsBrighten your garden with coral bells
Brighten your garden with coral bells:  First of all, lots and lots of stunning color is what this plant will bring to
your garden.  Not only will you get the the color from the flowers alone. This plant has intense leaf color too.

In addition,  the foliage color is great for playing up the colors of nearby flowers.
Darker purple leaves can make yellow flowers glow.
Butterscotch colored leaves even bring out the tones of simple green leaves.

Coral bells have been revitalized with new varieties on the market. They are bred for their extraordinary
striking foliage and as a hardy perennial they make a great addition to any garden.

Heuchera, is also known as coral bells or alum root. They are listed as evergreen plants in most climates.
The leaves of this plant are the most stunning.

The colors they come in are bronze, purple, red, yellow and more. The flowers, which grow on long stems are shaped like bells.  The flower colors vary too, ranging from white and pink to light coral and deep red.

These are very easy, no nonsense plants to grow.
Place them in a shade or semi-filtered sun, and they will reward you with lots of color.
This plant is suitable for borders and hedges.
They are also great companions for many types of perennial plants.

Coral bells look absolutely great in containers. When doing so, give these plants moist, but well-draining soil. Preferably enriched with compost or other type of organic matter.

Very little maintenance is needed for this awesome plant. You need only to occasionally water them.
Deadhead these plants as necessary.   Although these plants generally do not re bloom, this will improve its
overall appearance.

In addition, cut back any old, woody growth in spring.  Coral bells can be propagated in spring by seed or through cuttings. Seeds, however, require at least a six-week cold period prior to planting.
Division can also be done in spring or fall.

If you do not have coral bells in your garden, you are missing out on a vast palette of purples, greys and oranges in your garden. Plant some coral bells to brighten garden.

 Brighten your garden with coral bells

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