Benoni Bunny Park In Disorder

Benoni Bunny Park In Disorder

Benoni Bunny Park In Disorder: This is the opinion of Benoni horticulturalist Stephen Rehbock, who spoke at a Benoni Horticultural Society meeting that was held on Saturday the 17th of September. Tania Forrest-Smith, of Save the Bunny Park Animals, was also invited to the meeting to discuss her involvement at the park in the past 14 months. “If you go to the Karoo now, you will see more vegetation than there is at the Bunny Park. “It is a desert, it’s horrific,” Stephen said. Rehbock, who worked for the then Benoni Town Council’s parks department for roughly 13 years, criticised the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) for their management of the park. Grass needs to be planted. “Every citizen in Benoni is disappointed with the condition of the Bunny Park at the moment. It’s a man-made desert; it is not something that has happened overnight. The veld management has not been what it should be, most probably for the last 30 years. When it was developed it looked absolutely magnificent.”

Areas need to be cordoned off from animals and people to ensure grass is able to grow. “The bunnies and the picnic areas have to be different, because it is a different environment that you need there. You can share that environment and the lawns at certain periods of time, but once you get too much traffic and too many animals eating off that vegetation, you are going to have nothing for anybody. The horticulturalist’s message comes days after South African Tourism country manager Debbie Damant promoted the Bunny Park as tourism destination at Ekurhuleni’s inaugural Tourism Conference, held on September 13 and 14, at the Lakes Hotel and Conference Centre.

Metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe said, on July 27, that R7-million is available over the next two financial years.

He said some of the upgrading will include:

•Additional animal shelters

•Irrigation system

•Planting of pastures

•More walkways

•Playground areas

•Braai/picnic areas

•Cleaning of the dams/ponds

Benoni Bunny Park In Disorder

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