Being Safe At Home

Being Safe At Home

Being Safe At Home : Lets face it the times that we are living in is far from safe. There were times that you could leave your windows open and your doors go to the shops come back and everything is still there safe and sound these days if you had to try it you could come home and you would be lucky if your bed is still there. So we looked into a few ways to protect your house against burglary and with the national economy getting worse, burglary is again becoming a more common crime.

  • Bushes, shrubs and trees can offer a possible intruder places that he can in hide and camouflage signs of a break-in. Trim back any overgrown vegetation so that your home’s windows, porches and doors are visible to neighbors and passersby.
  • When you leave for work try to leave at different times – it helped Hitler it could help you.
  • Try to get low cost cameras around your property and some in the house with a possible laser beam here and there.
  • Be sure not to draw undue attention to your home by discarding empty boxes at the curb with your trash – a big problem during the holidays.

    “By putting out the boxes from a new flat-screen television, video game system, a laptop computer or other expensive home electronics at the curb, you’re showing a potential burglar exactly what new and valuable items are now available in your home – rather have a braai and burn it in the fire.

  • Adequate night time illumination- lighting ┬áis critical, because a dark or poorly lit property makes it easier for a burglar to go about unseen.

    “The best deterrent for crime and therefore safety for your home and family is to install motion-sensing security.

  • When going away for a long holiday or just a few days to a friends place we suggest that you get yourself some timers and set your lights in your home to them – it will give the illusion that you are home .
  • If you are planning a trip make sure all the windows are closed and latched if possible if you have pets make sure that you have a trusted someone to come around and feed them.
  • Turn the volume of your phone’s ringer down so someone outside can’t hear them ring.
  • If you can, have your calls forwarded while you’re away. Burglars sometimes call to see if anyone’s home before a break-in – if they are smart.
  • If you receive post make sure that you get a friend to collect it for you.
  • If you are away and your alarm goes on ask that your security company doesn’t leave those notes saying that they were there as that is a clear indication that you are not home.
  • The best home security comes from neighbors who look out for one another. Make it a point to meet your neighbors so that you can ask them to keep an eye on things while you’re away.

Being Safe At Home

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