Azaleas are shade loving plants

Azaleas are shade loving plantsAzaleas are shade loving plants
Azaleas are shade loving plants:  Shade tolerant azaleas, which are among the most popular flowering plants for shade, are commonly thought to be flexible to low-light conditions.

Bear in mind though, that even if these plants are shade loving, they will not bloom in dense shade.
A good location is where they receive either dappled sun all day or sun in the morning and light shade in the afternoon.

Nothing is more beautiful than an azalea shrub in spring bloom.
These shrubs come in so many colors it is hard to find one that does not suit your needs.
Azaleas can be grown in nearly any garden, instantly adding interest and color to drab areas.

Plant in spring or early fall. Most large-leafed varieties require dappled shade.
Avoid deep shade or full sun.

Soil requirements:
Azaleas do well in moist, acidic, well drained soil.  Feed these plants lots of organic matter such as peat, compost, chopped leaves, or ground bark.
Apply mulch and fertilize with a controlled-release, acid-forming fertilizer, such as cottonseed meal or commercial azalea/camellia food in spring.

All azaleas need some sun to produce flower buds, but some need more sun than others.
Feed your plant every two weeks during the growing season.
Keep the soil moist but not soggy.
Give your azalea the right amount of light.
Keep your azalea at the right temperature.

Prune these shrubs immediately after the plants stop flowering in spring.
If you wait until summer, you will remove most of next year’s flowers.
Use hand pruners, not hedge trimmers.
Cut back to a branch or bud, and do not leave big stubs.

Size and height of shrubs:
There are many types of azaleas: Low, spreading Satsuki Hybrids, such as ‘Gumpo,’ grow only a few feet tall.

The popular Kurume Hybrids, including ‘Coral Bells’ and ‘Hershey’s Red,’ form dense shrubs 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.

Southern Indica Hybrids, such as ‘George Lindley Taber,’ ‘Formosa,’ and ‘Pride of Mobile,’ can grow 8 feet tall and wide.   Bear in mind you need space to grow the big sized azaleas. Therefore do not grow them under ledges
or low lying windows.

Best time for planting:
Excellent times for planting these shrubs is spring and fall, when temperatures are cool.
If you need to know what colors you are getting from your local nursery, then summer is the time to plant.
Water frequently during hot weather.

Grow azaleas in your garden for a spectacular show.

Azaleas are shade loving plants


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