At the Corner of King Street

At the Corner of King Street At the Corner of King Street
At the Corner of King Street: The author of The Union Street Bakery presents a new novel about a woman
searching for a fresh start—while unable to forget the past…

Adele “Addie” Morgan grew up in a house filled with pain and loss.
Determined to live life on her own terms, Addie moves to the country and finds a job at a vineyard.
Here she discovers stability, happiness, and best of all, love with the kind owner, Scott.

But an unexpected call abruptly pulls Addie out of her new and improved life.
Her sister has just given birth and Addie’s Aunt Grace wants her to return home to help the family.
Even if it means confronting things she has tried so hard to forget.

When Addie arrives, she quickly realizes that she has not truly let go of her former life, at least not completely.

After making a surprising connection with her sister’s baby and her sister’s ex-husband, Zeb, Addie must choose between her picture-perfect future with Scott and the family roots she thought she had left behind for good…

About the Author – Mary Ellen Taylor
Novelist Mary Ellen Taylor is the author of Sweet Expectations and The Union Street Bakery.

She lives in Virginia where she spends her spare time baking, practising yoga, and visiting historical sites.
In addition to writing, cooking and baking are important creative outlets for Mary Ellen and she has been
known to name recipes in honor of her characters.

She earned her Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate at the University of Richmond’s Culinary Arts Program.
Her two passions—writing and baking—merged for the first time in The Union Street Bakery.

Though her Alexandria set stories are not set in imaginary Old Town’s Union Street Bakery, the culinarian in Mary Ellen can’t resist slipping in food references and favorite recipes.

At the Corner of King Street


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