Add a wild pomegranate tree to your garden

Add a wild pomegranate tree to your garden Add a wild pomegranate tree to your garden
Add a wild pomegranate tree to your garden:  This tree is an attractive ornamental tree, which
is also used to attract nectar-feeding birds.

Its bright red flowers with the glossy, dark green leaves, creates a beautiful display in the small garden, both in shade and in full sun. This tree/shrub can grow from 2.5 metres in height and can reach a height of 8 metres tall.

The plant has dark green glossy leaves that are soft when young and then become thick and leathery as they age.
Flowers are borne in clusters, are tubular in shape and bright orange in colour.  It prefers to grow in gardens that are frost-free and receive abundant rainfall.

Wild pomegranate trees will grow in full sun, semi-shade or full shade.
These trees also grow very well as container plants on the patio.

It is an excellent small shrub for the bird garden, attracting sunbirds and nectar loving birds.
If this shrub is well watered and fed it will provide the gardener with beautiful flowers from an early age.

Wild pomegranate trees have a hard, dense and close-grained wood which is used to build huts.
The wood is also used to make agricultural implements, like hoe handles and yokes for cattle.

Wild pomegranate is easily propagated from seed or cuttings. Seeds should be sown straight after harvesting.
They take about four to eight weeks to germinate. Protect young plants from frost.

When planting use a rich loam soil, with additions of some compost.
Propagate from half-ripe cuttings that are taken in spring or in autumn.

These will take about three to four weeks to root, and then can be transplanted to containers with potting soil for hardening off, before planting out in the garden.

The wild pomegranate tree grows and flowers best in full sun.
It also thrives in dense shade. Protect your plant from very cold winter winds and extreme frost, as this might damage or kill the plant.

 Add a wild pomegranate tree to your garden

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